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08/20/2016 Frederick Comments Off on Hollywood Reporter: IFC Midnight Nabs Fairytale Thriller ‘American Fable’ (Exclusive) American Fable, News

Congrats Gavin and all of the American Fable cast!! I can’t wait to go see this! 🙂

Anne Hamilton’s feature debut premiered at SXSW in March.

IFC Midnight has taken U.S. rights to director Anne Hamilton’s feature debut, American Fable, which debuted at SXSW in March .

IFC Midnight plans to release the fairytale thriller in winter 2017.

American Fable is set in the 1980s rural Midwest where an imaginative girl named Gitty is forced to choose between protecting her family’s secret and saving a man’s life. Newcomer Peyton Kennedy plays Gitty, and the film also stars Kip Pardue, Richard Schiff, Gavin Macintosh, Rusty Schwimmer, Zuleikha Robinson and Marci Miller.

“For my first feature, I wanted to pay tribute to where I grew up and the films I loved as a kid,” Hamilton said Tuesday in a statement. “This movie has been a labor of love, and I’m delighted that it has found a home with IFC Midnight because they showed a deep appreciation of the visuals of the storytelling. I can’t wait for people to see American Fable on the big screen.”

Kishori Rajan and Hamilton produced, while Kevin Harrington executive produced.

“IFC Midnight has been a true champion of the movie, and Anne and I are gratified to have found the right home for it. I’m really looking forward to bringing this to theaters and home audiences with IFC Midnight at the helm,” said Rajan.

Hamilton, who began her film career as an intern on the Terrence Malick movie Tree of Life, was one of eight women selected for the 2014 AFI Directing Workshop for Women. She is repped by WME and Lawrence Kopeikin of Morris Yorn.


04/04/2016 Frederick Comments Off on New look! Website

Hey guys! I decided it was time for GavinMacIntosh.org to get a new look and I love it! I also went ahead and changed our Photo Gallery as well to match the main site’s new theme. I want to give a big thank you to my good friend Kaci for designing the themes. I love them!

03/09/2016 Frederick Comments Off on Gavin’s New Movie ‘American Fable’ SXSW Clip American Fable, News, Videos

EXCLUSIVE: Here’s a scene from American Fable, writer-director Anne Hamilton drama that premieres at SXSW this weekend. Peyton Kennedy stars as Gitty, a courageous girl living in a dark and sometimes magical world. Set amid the 1980s Midwest farm crisis, Gitty discovers that her beloved father is hiding a wealthy man in her family’s silo in order to save their struggling farm. She secretly befriends the captive and is forced to choose between saving the man’s life and protecting her family from the consequences of their actions.

In this rather uncomfortable clip, Gitty’s trust in her brother (Gavin MacIntosh) is tested in an unusual way. Kip Pardue, Zuleikha Robinson, Rusty Schwimmer, Marci Miller and Richard Schiff co-star in the film, which has its world premiere Sunday at the Austin fest, followed by three screenings next week via sales outfit Submarine Entertainment.


02/02/2016 Tyler Comments Off on The Fosters’ Gavin MacIntosh Has Your Back Interviews, The Fosters

Gavin opened up to The Advocate recently about his role on The Fosters, his status as a straight ally to the LGBT community, and his efforts to combat bullying. You can check out the article below; it’s a good read and definitely worth the time!

For some people, it’s been a long time since the thought of a schoolyard bully brought fear and anxiety into their daily lives. Sometimes adults forget the harassment they endured in their youth is still a harsh reality for kids today — especially LGBT kids. However, there is a growing number of allies who are taking a stand against bullying and creating a better environment for young people who feel different. But as loud as their voices have become, there’s no substitute for the reach that same message can have when it comes directly from a celebrity who understands the struggles facing teens firsthand.

Gavin MacIntosh wants to be that kind of ally.

The 16-year-old actor and Southern California transplant is a passionate straight ally for the LGBT community. When he’s not raising visibility playing gay teen Connor Stevens on the groundbreaking queer-centric drama The Fosters, he spends much time advocating for kids whose voices often get silenced by those who judge others because of how they act or who they love.

“More people are grasping that it’s not cool to discriminate and bully someone,” MacIntosh says, explaining why he finds it so important for queer youth to have allies. “Unfortunately, we’re still not in the majority. There are still people out there, if you walk into school and you don’t act a certain way, you don’t act the way that some might say a ‘normal’ kid walking around in school would act, you will be judged. We really, really have to change.”

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02/02/2016 Tyler Comments Off on The Fosters’ Gavin MacIntosh Opens Up About Connor & Jude’s Future Uncategorized

Gavin took a minute to talk with the folks at Just Jared Jr. about the new season of The Fosters, Connor’s reasons for moving to Los Angeles, and his favorite non-Jonnor Fosters couple! You can read the interview below.

JJJ caught up with 16-year-old actor ahead of The Fosters premiere to chat about what we can expect from Connor and Jude (Hayden Byerly)’s relationship this season now that Connor is leaving.

The Fosters returns TONIGHT, January 25 @ 8PM on Freeform.

JustJaredJr.com: Where do we find Connor in the premiere? What’s he up to?

Gavin MacIntosh: Connor is facing a tough decision to stay with the one he loves or move where he is more accepted and can grow up and be himself. Connor seems to be going through some ‘teen’ transition, he has grown up on the show over the last few years, and this is again another step forward. Or to some fans it may seem backwards.

JJJ: What can you tell us about why Connor is leaving to live with his mom? Is it all because of his dad or are there other reasons?

GM: Connor wants to be a normal teen, Los Angeles may seem like a bigger city with less judgement. Maybe he can grow up feeling more accepted and without judgement.

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02/02/2016 Tyler Comments Off on ‘The Fosters’ Star Gavin MacIntosh on His Historic TV Kiss Interviews, The Fosters, Videos

Gavin recently sat down with Stuart Brazell from The Wrap to talk about the kiss between Jude and Connor, fan attachment to Jonnor, and the new season of The Fosters! Check out the video below.


01/21/2016 Tyler Comments Off on Kiss & Tweet: How Gavin MacIntosh Is Fostering a New Generation of Acceptance Interviews, The Fosters

Gavin took some time out and had a chat with the folks at Celebuzz, where he talked about his work regarding LGBT and other issues, his strong selfie game, and the upcoming episodes of The Fosters! Read the interview below.

There are few teenagers who can say that they’ve shaken up the system on a national level before they can drive a car without adult supervision.

Gavin MacIntosh is an outstanding exception to this framework among the other rising stars of his generation. If you haven’t already fallen in love with his boyish charm in his role as Connor Stevens on Jennifer Lopez’s The Fosters, we can ensure you that you’re about to.

In March of 2015, he and his co-star Hayden Byerly broke records by engaging in the youngest same-sex kiss in television history between their characters, Connor and Jude. Viewers went crazy over the moment, applauding their bravery at such a young age in the face of LGBT adversity, which happened to precede the SCOTUS decision on marriage equality.

Then, he expressed his discontent when YouTube placed an age restriction on the clip featuring “Jonnor’s” kiss, citing homophobia as a motivation behind the ban. His fans jumped to voice their support, and quickly, the restriction was lifted.

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01/15/2016 Tyler Comments Off on ‘The Fosters’ Star Gavin Macintosh Previews Season 3B Premiere; Will Jude And Connor Breakup? Interviews, The Fosters

Gavin recently sat down with the International Business Times to discuss the upcoming resumption of season 3 of The Fosters. He goes into some detail about Connor’s relationship with Jude as well as his relationship with his dad, while also touching on his real-life support for the LGBT community. Check out the full interview below!

“The Fosters” returns to ABC family — check that, Freeform — on Monday and fans will of course be eager to see what the Season 3B premiere means for Brandon (Adam Lambert) [sic] and Callie (Maia Mitchell). However, while the “Brallie” drama is always juicy, it is not the only relationship in crisis.

In the summer finale, Connor (Gavin Macintosh) decided to move to Los Angeles to live with his mother to avoid the harsh treatment and judgment from his father, Adam (Chris Bruno), about being gay. The news was a devastating blow for boyfriend Jude (Hayden Byerly).

Gavin Macintosh, who plays Connor on the show, spoke with International Business Times before the Season 3B premiere to break down what the move means for Connor and Jude’s relationship.

Read the full interview below:

International Business Times: Going back to the summer finale, can you explain what was going through Connor’s head when he made the decision to move to Los Angeles to live with his mother?

Gavin Macintosh: I think Connor knows that it is just time for a change. He can not put up with his Dad’s constant judgment. As much as he cares for Jude and and loves Jude, he can’t put himself through that pain. It is more of a decision for himself.

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01/06/2016 Tyler Comments Off on Gavin Discusses His Gay Kiss On The Fosters American Fable, Interviews, The Fosters

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Gavin recently spoke with Out Magazine about the kiss he shared with Hayden Byerly on The Fosters, his upcoming movie American Fable, and more. Check out the article below:

It was the kiss between seventh graders that was heard around the world. Or at least that went viral via social media, sparking controversy and conversations about teenage sexuality. The Fosters, ABC Family’s progressive hit drama about two moms and their very modern mix of biological, adopted, and fostered kids, made waves this year when 13-year-old Jude Jacob (played by 15-year-old Hayden Byerly) had an onscreen kiss with Conor (played by 16-year-old Gavin MacIntosh). It was epic for Jonnor fans, as the duo had been dubbed, but it was also hailed as the youngest same-sex kiss on TV. At first, YouTube age-restricted the clip, until Macintosh slammed the company in a series of tweets (that have since been deleted), stating: “WHAT?! YouTube blocking #jonnor scene w/ age restrictions? 100% discrimination & homophobia! SO innocent compared to what’s on YouTube!”

After it all died down, how has it affected the young man’s career? “It really has been great. Honestly, four or five years ago, when I began acting, I would never have expected to be playing a gay character or to be here talking about this,” Macintosh says. “The whole journey has been incredible, and it’s opened my eyes to so many things and aware of issues the world facing now.”

In addition to his time on The Fosters and Bones, MacIntosh spent this summer filming scenes for American Fable in rural Illinois, an indie film he describes as a “fairytale thriller,” and in which he plays something completely different for him. “I’m this sadistic, evil kid,” he says. “It was a fun time and seeing a different way of life out in the Midwest.”

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10/02/2015 Tyler Comments Off on Gavin: Good kid on ‘The Fosters,’ ‘sadistic’ bad kid in new indie American Fable, Interviews, News, The Fosters

Gavin recently had an interview with Nina Metz from the Chicago Tribune in which they covered several topics, including the infamous YouTube incident and his new movie American Fable! Check it out below:

When I sat down with actor Gavin MacIntosh not long ago, I asked him to describe his first TV job as a day player, four years ago, on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.”

Don’t get too excited, he warned. “It was a small part. I played a Pawnee Ranger, a Boy Scout-type kid, and I was only in the background. It was the director’s decision to pick someone out of this group to walk up to Amy Poehler and ask her a question in the scene, and I wasn’t picked. Another kid was picked, so I remember watching the episode and I saw a glimpse of myself, like a blur. Like: Oh, those are my shoes right there.”

It didn’t take long to progress to roles that feature his face as well. Since 2013 he has played Connor on the ABC Family series “The Fosters,” a show centered on an interracial pair of lesbian moms and their young family of biological, adopted and foster children. More recently, he was in-state this summer shooting an indie film two hours northwest of Chicago in Jo Daviess County.

“It gets a little creepy at night,” he said. “There are a lot of cornfields, and I don’t know if you’ve seen ‘Children of the Corn,’ but I watched that right before I came. Bad idea.”

MacIntosh is originally from Tucson, Ariz., and started acting at his mother’s encouragement: “It was to break up my shyness. Like, I would go into Starbucks and the lady would say ‘Hi’ to me and I would hide behind my mom — I was that kind of kid.”

A role in a local production of “The Music Man” he said, “broke me out of my shell. After that we started commuting out to Los Angeles for auditions. Commercials, TV, movies. I probably wouldn’t have gone that path if my mom hadn’t guided me. She saw that it was an interest. And she’s really the one that paved the way and drove me there and back, there and back, there and back, three times a week. She spent so much money on that, and, looking back, I don’t know how she did it.”

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